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This will probably be the last part in my series of blog articles ranging from the middle of 2015 up until today. What started as rants about society, working life, depression, sexual opression and pitiful sex-ed, etc. -Has turned out to be a soulsearching journey.

Polyamoury, hypersomnia, representation and the freedom of exploration, expression and individuality.…
Become Something/Life of the Modern Era
Collaboration project with Fenrirsart; Jakob Sandevill.

Photographer: Fenrirsart

Model: Me

Retouch: Both

This Month So Far

Tue May 19, 2015, 10:02 AM

My life is not that complicated. Sure, I'm quite litterally Sleeping Beauty  (I should really change my username to that) but all in all I'm satisfied with my life and surely got it figured out much better than most people, despite my sleeping needs.

Usually it's not that hard, because usually I wake up and do my usual routine, watch the usual series and play games as usual. Every day. This month on the other hand - has been unusual. A Rollercoaster.

27th of April I wanted to ask my friend what she was going to do on Walphurgis Night. I missed hanging out with her, in generlal, because she had been quite distant for the last couple of months. During our little conversation though, it turned out that she'd been testing me; How good of a friend I was. So the whole "Do you want to meet me?"-thing turned into a brawl sooner than I even got to ask her that specifik queestion, and it ended with us presumably not being friends anymore.

A few days later, on the evening of the celebrations, I hung out with my ex and his sister. It went on as normal-not that that is good. His sister behaved like always and I doubt many people would appreciate that, atleast not from my point of view. The evening could have turned out better, but it was ok. The funny thing is that we went to eat dinner at McDonalds before meeting up, and after the burger itself was eaten I felt like getting some chili cheese and a pie... which turned into a whole circus itself:

1. The Cashier looked like Oberyn martell.

2. I ordered 1 chili cheese tops and 1 raspberry pie but he pressed the button for apple pie. I corrected him and he fixed it.

3. He asks his colleague for an apple pie. I correct him again.

After a few minutes of waiting he hands over the bag of chili cheese and a pie. The pie should be in a red package for raspberry, but it came in a green package so I asked if it was the right flavour - and he said his colleague said it was raspberry although it came camouflaged as an apple pie.

4. Before I leave he asks me if I want free coffee due to the long wait, but I said I didn't. Nice though.... although it was only like 5 minutes....

5. I've just sat down at our table when he comes up and tells me that i had gotten the wrong flavour and he gave me a raspberry pie for free before quickly leaving again.

6. I realise that both pies are raspberry and there was really no mistake - now I just had two pies! :D

7. After eating the pies i open my bag of chili cheese tops, which usually contains four tops... but this time it was six of them in the package :O


Anyway. My rollercoaster ride doesn't end after just half a week, but continues to mess everything up. About a week into the month I am handing out my cover letter, searching for jobs in different stores throughout the city. At the end of the first day of doing this I get a random message on facebook. There's some guy who said he'd catch an interest in me and asked me for a date the following week. I felt happy and continued my search.

The next day (friday 8/5) I continue to hand out my papers, but on my way to the tram station I suddenly get greeted by a stranger in the middle of the busy pavement. He asks for my number and since he seems like a nice guy I give it to him. Later that evening we met up in town and hung out.

On saturday afternoon I sit on the tram to my home. It seems like an awfully boring day - however it soon lightens up by yet another dating request. "Hi, I wonder if I could take you out for a fika" says the stranger in the seat infront of me. Although I turned him down It already felt like a nicer day. Isn't it crazy though? Being asked for 3 dates by 3 different people 3 days in a row?

I come home to our apartment, where I still live with my ex. This is the next descent of my rollercoaster ride... and it's quite steep. I come home to find out my ex wants to terminate my contract, so that by the end of july I'll have nowhere to live. Now I only have thursday the 14th to look forward too, the rest is a mess.

Thursday the 14th I meet up with the first guy who asked me for a date. We hung out with his friends during the evening but I was too tired to join them in the club. Around midnight i went home, quite satisfied with the evening. It was nicer than I'd expected.
We decided to meet again the following sunday.

The sunday was nice and fun but the following day (Yesterady)  was the opposite. I woke up with slight back pain. But I was mostly tired due to lack of sleep. The back pain increased during the afternoon and I began to wonder if something was wrong. I had had a touch of urinary infection, so I started to feel that something really was wrong as the pain continuously got worse. The schedule of the health center was full however so I had to wait to see a doctor. Last night I had trouble sleeping due to the extreme pain, assumingly due to kidney infection, but today when I woke up there was no sign of any pain or infection left at all and after a consulting call with a nurse I was releived to know I didn't have to go see a doctor unless it comes back.

This day has actually been quite calm. Apart from me having to call Lidl customer service, and tell them that their employee misused his position - and tried to get me to meet him and take a ride in his car (An opel Calibra he bragged about) What he should have done is giving his boss my job application.

So... there we are... so far. Since most of this has been negative experiences I hope that something extreme to the other end will happen ... like me getting a first hand apartment contract or 20 million Kronor.

I know the structure of this whole text is messed up... but just ask me if there's something you wanna know about.


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